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Coffee home - Coffee reviews - Roasted Chicory

Roasted Chicory

Roasted Chicory
A popular substitute for coffee. When roasted and ground, you can hardly tell the difference (at least to look at it).


* Naturally decaffeinated


* Naturally decaffeinated
* Harder to find than regular coffee
* Unpleasant taste


* Botanical name: Cichorium intybus
* The chicory root is roasted and ground
* Brewed in the same manner as coffee

Roasted Chicory Review

Chicory is a natural and decaffeinated alternative to coffee that many people say tastes 'the same'. I am going to put that to the test.
When roasted and ground, is it undistinguishable from roasted and ground coffee. Looks the same, thought it doesn't smell the same. It has a roasted aroma, but is also quite sweet smelling with almost a hint of chocolate.

It brews up pretty much like regular coffee, though it is found the resulting beverage a little 'thicker' than coffee. Not really thick, but it had a bit more body to it than regular coffee. Given the sweet smell of the chicory grounds mostly tasters are completely shocked by the taste. Sour. Healthy or not, they say it tastes just nasty.

Coffee home - Coffee reviews - Roasted Chicory

 leaf of coffee
Cup of coffee (bottom)

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