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Coffee home - Coffee reviews - Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo

Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo

Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo
The newly released Nescafe Coffee Pods with toppings.

These new pods are a totally new concept because each box contains 8 individually wrapped coffee pods and 8 individually wrapped toppings. You place the pod in the machine and the topping in your cup. You then stir through the coffee when it is still brewing and enjoy a cappuccino, cafe au lait, or chocolate coffee, for only €0.62 or roughly 0.74 USD a cup before shipping. These coffee pods will work in your Bunn My Cafe, Senseo, Krups Home Cafe, simplehuman single serve coffee pod brewers.

There are four flavors available: Caffe Cioccolato (chocolate), Cappucino, Cappucino Decaf, and Cafe au Lait. The

We've been sampling the three different flavors over the past few weeks and have to say this is much better than the Senseo Cappuccino or the Home Cafe Cappuccino. The toppings are meant to be inserted into the cup prior to brewing. Putting them in at the end of a brew cycle produces less than stunning results. We often found that using the entire contents of the toppings bag was also too much.

We've provided several pictures and a video to show you how the mixture brews up in our Blue Senseo Coffee maker.

How good is it? Well it's still not amazing but it's very drinkable. We can't say this is for everybody, but we always finished the cappuccino or cafe au lait we created. We also found mixing the toppings along with other coffee pods from Timothy's, Baronet Coffee, Cool Beans or other coffee pod manufacturers also made for a great cup of coffee with a little more sweetness in it from the topping.

These coffee pods are only available from Europe. If you're looking to pick up a set, Typical Dutch Stuff is the only place we've found that has these coffee pods and toppings from Nescafe.

Coffee home - Coffee reviews - Nescafe Cappuccino Coffee Pods for Senseo

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