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Espresso Fudge Espresso Fudge
Try this recipe for the holidays for a little extra energy boost.
Coffee Tortoni And Kahlua Coffee Tortoni And Kahlua
This is an easy to prepare make ahead frozen dessert!
Specialty Recipes Specialty Recipes
Peculiar coffee recipes with a touch of glamour
Get out the Grill! Get out the Grill!
Recipes for the Grill with Coffee

Around the World Coffee Recipes Around the World Coffee Recipes
Greece - Miiddle East - Italy
Latte Cheesecake Bars Latte Cheesecake Bars
Cut these bars into triangles to add an interesting shape to a cookie tray.
Bailey's Frozen Chocolate Chunk Bailey's Frozen Chocolate Chunk
Serve with warm chocolate sauce, if desired.
Orange Espresso Spiced Nuts Orange Espresso Spiced Nuts
Espresso powder, orange and cinnamon give this tasty snack a grown-up flavor.
Cappuccino Caramels Royale Cappuccino Caramels Royale
Each butter, chewy bite of these caramels is accented with the warm flavor of coffee.
A few special coffee recipes A few special coffee recipes
Recipes using Ghirardelli Chocolate Products

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Coffee home - Coffee recipes

 leaf of coffee
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