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Coffee home - Coffee news - Uganda’s coffee wins top award

Uganda’s coffee wins top award

Uganda’s coffee wins top award
Uganda's aromatic coffee has won the competitive international best-packaging award. The coffee is marketed by a Sweden-based company OneCafe.

In 2003, President Yoweri Museveni launched the first Uganda coffee product, Mount Elgon Coffee, on the international market in Denmark.

The initiative was under a joint venture between Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and the House of Uganda Coffee-APS in Copenhagen.

OneCafe chairman Bendix Lars yesterday said Ugandan coffee has enormous potential because it is judged to be the best in the world.

Lars said the London-based judges of the best products and innovations nominated the coffee for the competition that saw them winning on Thursday.

"A couple of months ago, we started a new product OneCafe and it's a concept for a one-solution caf?," Lars said on phone yesterday.

"It is interesting that we started off a project that is Ugandan and we refined the coffee and now have won," Lars added.

He said his company, which has a factory in Tororo where the coffee is processed, intends to establish itself in nine eastern and southern African countries to process coffee for the huge international market.

The other countries, whose coffee Lars said is good, include Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo, Malawi and Zambia.

"The coffee market is enormous, next to the oil market. It is the biggest food exportation and we will ensure we promote the East African coffee," he said.

He said the factory in Tororo was still too small to satisfy the international demand. He said his company intended to support the 2015 millennium goals and that was why they wanted to invest in developing coffee in the nine African countries.

"All these coffees will be collected in exclusive boxes. It will help these countries to export high quality finished coffee to the international market," Lars said.

He explained that his company was employing more women to support the development goals, putting the Tororo factory workforce at 90% women.

He said they had also planted about 6,000 trees whose leaves return fertiliser to the soils.

He said the trees would be given to farmers to intercrop with coffee to improve its quality.

"In a few months, we will give them out to the coffee farmers to plant between their coffee trees.

The trees will provide shade for the coffee trees and their leaves will add fertility to the soil, which will increase the yields and promote environmental sustainability," he said.

Coffee home - Coffee news - Uganda’s coffee wins top award

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