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New Coffee Machine

New Coffee Machine
A new coffee machine has been launched under the brand name of Aurelia with t-smart option that is brought by Nuova Simonelli, Italy. It is the first machine in the world that has been awarded the certification for being ergonomic.

Aurelia coffee machine with t-smart option is made where each and every part of the machine was planned with reference to the work and natural movements of Barista.

The famous Barista coffee shops in India are using the machines that serve its requirement.

The approach has been professional i.e. machine is made with due considerations to technology, its functions, the maintenance and design.

Aurelia offers thermo compensated unit with double pre-infusion option, 14 litre copper boiler, electronic control to monitor grind profile and double flow control restrictions to regulate water circulation into group head.

It also possesses programmable cup warmer, self diagnosis system with historical fault data, beverage counter, USB port connector for computer interface, digital display pannel and much more.

Coffee home - Coffee news - New Coffee Machine

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