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Nestle in Viet Nam

Nestle in Viet Nam
Food product giant Nestle pledges to continue investing in Viet Nam's coffee industry, said Pierre Schaufelberger, managing director of Nestle Viet Nam.

Nestle will continue to assist Viet Nam in developing the quality of its coffee by importing high quality coffee seedlings, exchanging experts, and training local farmers in methods of planting, cultivating, preserving and processing coffee for export, said Schaufelberger.

The company will also provide updated information on coffee prices on the world market, he added.

In 2006, Nestle Viet Nam imported the first 5,000 high-grade coffee seedlings which the company then provided free to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's Central Highlands Agro-Forestry Science and Technology Institute in Buon Me Thuot and to farmers in Dong Nai Province for trial cultivation.

Nestle Viet Nam annually buys 20-25 per cent of Vietnamese coffee exports or 200,000-250,000 tonnes of coffee.

Nestle Coffee Quality Test Centre in Dong Nai Province checks the quality of exports, and the exports are then shipped to fifteen Nestle processing facilities world wide to produce NESCAFE instant coffee products.

Nestle has operated in Viet Nam since 1993 and has so far invested US$83 million into projects on developing coffee plantations and producing coffee products in Viet Nam.

Coffee home - Coffee news - Nestle in Viet Nam

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