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Seattle, WA Marketwire: The First "Blogging" Coffeemaker: The Coffee Equipment Company Launches CloverNet(TM)

If your coffee machine could talk to you, what would it say? Imagine it could tell you how busy it was last night, whether or not your new Ethiopian Idido Misty Valley was selling well, or that your customers are more likely to purchase a 12 ounce than 16 ounce cup of brew. Well now it can, with CloverNet(TM), a new web-based system for managing the innovative Clover brewers from The Coffee Equipment Company (CEC).

In 2006, CEC revolutionized commercial coffee brewing when they first introduced the Clover, which brews coffee using a combination of French press and vacuum technology, allowing the intended flavor of specialty coffees to shine. With the introduction of CloverNet, CEC is once again advancing the industry, this time by providing unprecedented brewer control and management capabilities while enhancing brewing knowledge, control and performance.

"It's like an iPod for your coffeemaker," states Zander Nosler, CEC co-founder and the driving force behind Clover. "With the iPod, Apple gave users exceptional control over their music. With CloverNet, we're providing that type of easy-to-use interface for retailers interested in gaining more insight into -- and control over -- how they brew and sell coffee."

Eighty percent of the 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year are "drip," or brewed coffee. With that type of volume, knowing when, where and how much of each type of coffee is selling was previously a daunting task for individual specialty shops and large multiple-location stores alike. CloverNet's simple tools allow users to easily track all functions of their in-network Clover machines, from how many cups of coffee are brewed each hour, to which coffees are brewed most frequently, to how often the machines are being cleaned. CloverNet also stores and distributes exact brewing instructions for a limitless number of coffees, taking the guess work out of creating the perfect eight ounce cup of Sumatra Lake Tawar or 12 ounce cup of Guatemalan Finca Vista Hermosa. The CloverNet system enables specialty coffee houses to serve individual cups of brewed coffee with optimal flavor by communicating with in-network Clovers via the internet in real time, delivering coffee-specific brewing doses and times.

The CloverNet system consists of two core components -- the Clover interface on individual machines and new web management tools. The machine interface is easily installed with the addition of a small two-way communication device and internet connectivity to any Clover. Once added, CloverNet instantly begins to communicate with the web, posting updates on the productivity and health of each connected in-network Clover. This real time "blogging" is translated into easy-to-read data on the CloverNet web-interface, in graphs that highlight peak sales hours or charts that detail top selling coffees, for example. The interactive website also allows users to program specific recipes (brew time, dose and temperature) for all the coffees they carry. They can then create individualized coffee lists for each Clover, which are uploaded in real time. Baristas then simply select a recipe from the Clover interface, and are more easily able to brew their customers a perfect cup of specialty coffee.

Whether used to manage one, or 100 machines, CloverNet provides key benefits for any Clover owner. Managers can view critical information, such as customer preferences in different regions, which coffees are the most popular, or when the greatest number of Clover cups of coffee are brewed, enabling them to make crucial management decisions and increase both revenue and efficiency. CloverNet subscribers will be able to control their machines from the web and send lists and recipes to any Clover machine within their network. However, the benefits of CloverNet are not limited to managers. With increased efficiency and hard data about sales and consumer preferences, the average coffee drinker benefits too. "CloverNet helps me control my bottom line, but it also benefits my customers," explains Tatiana Becker, owner of Seattle's Trabant Coffee Shop, and one of the early adopters of CloverNet. "It provides my customers with more choice. I can now offer a dozen different roasts and know that they are being optimally brewed each and every time. This level of brewing control is unprecedented, and at the end of the day, it provides my customers with a better cup of coffee." With more than 100 Clover machines installed worldwide to date, an ever-increasing number of consumers can enjoy coffee prepared to optimal specifications.

Retailers and Roasters interested in a CloverNet subscription are urged to contact their local authorized Clover reseller or visit Clover online. Subscriptions are $19.99 per month, with a one-time installation fee of $399.

About The Coffee Equipment Company

The Coffee Equipment Company (CEC) is a small but mighty coffee equipment developer and manufacturer based in Seattle. Founded in 2004 by Zander Nosler and Randy Hulett, CEC is intensely focused on solving old problems with new ideas, and holding quality above all else -- in coffee, in equipment, and in how the two come together. Believing wholeheartedly in the tradition of brewed coffee, CEC aims to create brewing technologies worthy of the world's finest beans; technologies that simplify the brewing process and consistently delivery astonishingly good coffee.

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