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Coffee home - Coffee news - 'Coffee Date' has likeable cast

'Coffee Date' has likeable cast

'Coffee Date' has likeable cast
The lesson of writer/director Stewart Wade's "Coffee Date" might be: Don't let your goofy brother make a blind date for you, even if it's just for coffee.

Another lesson: Love and friendship are where you find them, whatever you expect.

This funny if sometimes broadly stereotypical take on offbeat romance, recently shown at the Salem Film Festival, is the story of recently divorced Todd (Jonathan Bray), whose deadbeat brother Barry (Jonathan Silverman) sets him up on a blind date with someone named Kelly.

When Todd shows up for the date, he strikes up a conversation with another guy at the coffee shop, a man who turns out to be none other than Kelly, a gay businessman (Wilson Cruz).

Todd is appalled but grudgingly realizes he likes Kelly, a feeling Kelly definitely returns, with more than friendly passion.

It turns out that they have common interests, including movies.

The joke is that Todd then has to defend his straightness while everyone around him, including his supportive mom (Sally Kirkland) and gay co-workers, try to be understanding and brush aside his protestations that no, he isn't really gay.

It doesn't help matters that Barry suddenly proclaims that he too is gay, sporting a studded leather collar and other "gay" gear.

Todd is confused because he genuinely likes Kelly, who owns a chain of salons. He even experiments a little with Kelly, although there is never a question as to where his heart -- and sexuality -- lie.

Luckily, there is Kelly's very attractive heterosexual roommate (Elaine Hendrix) waiting in the wings.

Although overdone at times, particularly in the broad portrayal of gay characters, this is an engaging look at the new realities of romantic life.

"Coffee Date" suggests that just because someone is gay or straight is not an adequate measure of their personal worth or attractiveness, whether love or friendship is in question.

The cast is likable, particular Bray, who nicely evokes Todd's confusion and perplexity, and Cruz, who makes Kelly more than just another gay stereotype: When his heart is broken, it's more than believable.

'Coffee Date'

3 stars

Stars: Jonathan Silverman, Jonathan Bray, Elaine Hendrix

Not rated

Director: Stewart Wade

Length: 94 minutes

Where: Salem Cinema

Coffee home - Coffee news - 'Coffee Date' has likeable cast

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