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Bangalore Copsy Coffee Style

Bangalore Copsy Coffee Style
In perhaps the first of its kind venture, a group of small coffee growers in Karnataka's Hassan district have come together to form a cooperative and launch branded coffee with the punchline "Direct from the Growers".

"Copsy Coffee", an initiative of Arehally Coffee Cooperative Society which has 300 members, was launched today by the Chairman of state-run Coffee Board G V Krishna Rau.

The society was conceived when coffee prices were low. The culmination was the launch of Copsy Coffee, an attempt to reach out to consumers directly, the Society's President K M Raje Gowda said at a function at the Coffee Board here.

Arehally has around 1,600 growers, 99 per cent of whom are small ones, who mainly grow coffee.

"When prices were ruling low for a long-time, we asked ourselves how can we help ourselves as we realised government help alone cannot be a long-term solution," Gowda said.

"That led to the formation of the Society with members contributing Rs 1,000 each. The members thereafter parted with two bags of coffee each, which enabled us to raise around Rs 26 lakh," he said.

"Our aim is to get the best quality coffee to consumers. We will never compromise on quality. In fact, our vision is to offer best quality coffee in the world by April 2008," he said.

Rau termed the launch of branded coffee by the society of small growers as a 'golden day' in India's coffee industry.

Coffee home - Coffee news - Bangalore Copsy Coffee Style

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