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Coffee home - Coffee humor - The Pros & Cons of Coffee

The Pros & Cons of Coffee

The Pros & Cons of Coffee
I've heard it said that everytime you dink a cup of coffee you kill a song bird.

I like coffee, but I like birds too. What do I do. Should I quit drinking coffee *AAAAAAAARGH*or should I quit killing birds?

This thought seriously upsets me and am asking for your help in weighing out the pros and cons. Oh, and I'm not into drinking decaf.


* Mayo clinic is doing research that indicates drinking coffee lowers a person's risk of developing Parkinson's disease & diabetes.

* Coffee can help with asthma, and a good cup of coffee does help me with my morning allergies.

* Increases your metabolism

* Studies have shown decreased risk of commiting suicide (does this mean it is good for depression?)

* There is strong evidence that coffee has a protective effect against the development of colon cancer

* Increases alertness in the morning, after lunch or when I have a cold

* There is some evidence to suggest that coffee may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and gallstones.


* As the cost of coffe rises the farmers are getting a significantly less profit.

* Makes my teeth yellow.

* Increases chance of irregular heartbeat, anxiety, bladder problems, and it can make my PMS worse(oh, nobody likes that)

* Caffeine aggravates pre-menstrual breast pain in a significant number of sufferers

* Deforestation for that cup of Joe(as well as othe things), it is predicted at that the Amazon Rainforrest will be gone by the year 2050. Nobody wants to see that. This one here is a big one!

* Increased risk of a heart attack

* It can induce stomach ulcers and impair digestion by raising stomach acidity levels.

* Higher risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (women)

* Coffee Breath

* Withdrawls Suck! (headache)

Well, clearly the enviromental factors are devestating to all mankind, the Amazon Rainforest is the lungs of the Earth. But is my morning coffe really doing it. With that line of logic I need to change my entire lifestyle. Quit driving, only buy recycled paper. I do some stuff, but no where near what I should be doing....okay I'm leading myself astray from the subject again.

What do you think? Should I keep drinking my beloved cup of coffee in the morning or should I stop?

Coffee home - Coffee humor - The Pros & Cons of Coffee

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