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Coffee Addicts

Coffee Addicts
Sniff? Sniff? If that slightly musty odor wafting from the next cubicle makes you think your co-worker didn't bother to shower this morning, chances are they opted instead for their coffee.

A new survey says confirmed coffee addicts will give up their morning shower, their sleep and even, in some cases, their lunch just to have their cups of coffee.

Two thirds of American adults are coffee drinkers, and nearly half have at least one cup of coffee every day, according to the survey commissioned by OnTech Operations Inc. of San Diego, which makes self-heating containers for beverages.

A majority of Americans (54 percent) would give up an important part of their daily routine to hold on to their morning coffee, the survey says.

Forty-two percent said they would give up their morning radio, television, or newspaper, and one-fifth said that they would give up lunch.

Twelve percent said that they would give up three hours of sleep and 10 percent would be willing to go as far as giving up brushing their teeth.

But you probably knew that.

Additional key findings from the survey include:

• Men admitted to drinking more coffee than women. On average, men reported drinking about 1.6 cups of coffee per day, while women only reported an average of 1.2 cups per day.

• People from the Northeast report drinking the most coffee of any region, with an average of 1.6 cups per day, as compared to 1.4 cups, 1.3 cups, and 1.2 cups each for the West, North Central, and South regions, respectively.

• The most preferred variety of coffee, by far, is brewed coffee, with more than half of all coffee drinkers (57 percent) choosing this as their favorite.

• Latte and cappuccino drinks came in a distant second at 12 percent, followed by flavored coffees at 10 percent and iced coffee at only four percent.

Coffee home - Coffee and health - Coffee Addicts

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