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Coffee home - From crop to cup - Some Beverage-Brewing Tips

Some Beverage-Brewing Tips

Some Beverage-Brewing Tips
Here are tips to help turn your brewing blahs into brewing ahhs with the perfect cup of coffee at home:

Before preparing any type of coffee beverage, evaluate your machine. A clean and properly calibrated machine is essential in brewing the perfect pot of coffee or making the best cup of espresso.

- For optimal flavor, grind your coffee immediately before brewing.

- In order to preserve the flavor of the coffee bean as long as possible, it is important to keep coffee away from excessive air, moisture, heat and light.

- Coffee should be stored in an opaque, airtight ceramic or glass container and not refrigerated or frozen. The moisture of the refrigerator or freezer will deteriorate your coffee.

- When grinding your beans, remember, larger grinds for coffee and smaller grinds for espresso.

- A good rule of thumb for making coffee is two rounded tablespoons of coffee per cup of water.

- The optimal water temperature for brewing coffee is 92 - 96 degrees.

- After coffee is brewed, the filter should be removed immediately. The coffee that continues to drip from the filter will be bitter and can ruin your fresh pot of coffee.

- Never re-heat a cup of coffee. To keep coffee hot, brew using a coffeemaker with a thermal carafe.

There you go! Just follow these simple steps and you'll have the perfect cup of coffee every time. Once brewed, coffee begins to loose its flavor within 15 - 20 minutes, so drink up!

Coffee home - From crop to cup - Some Beverage-Brewing Tips

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