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Coffee and Sex

Coffee and Sex
More brothel running madams have international coffee patents than French men.

Coffee, used by the experts to increase sexual pleasure, and outlawed by wives because, coffee made men think better.

Later, after the men fought it and women thought about it, Women used coffee as a bona fide issue of law for divorce. Grounds for divorce was the man's inability to provide coffee for his wife.

These legal situations regarding sex and coffee are 300 or more years old.

If you were to associate sex with a drink: alcohol, water, soda pop, tea, or coffee; the world would choose coffee.

Coffee, scientifically, can be linked to improving both men's and women's sexual functionalities. Many would like to get one drunk on alcohol but ninty percent of the people on first meeting say; "want to get a cup of coffee?" Or, "lets go for coffee."

Not only has there been legal sexual activities regarding coffee and scientific evidence, but how can you explain many brothel madams actually getting off their back, patenting more coffee making apparatus men? French men shouldn't feel alone. The brothel owners of Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland out did their men too. The purest form of economics involving the oldest profession in the world, and science supports the concept that coffee can be linked to improving both men's and women's sexual functionalities.

No other substance can claim the equivalent for sexuality and lawful voluntary consumption as coffee. Alcohol doesn't even come in at a close second. Tea is way down at the bottom of the list. Soda pop is higher on the list than tea. Soda pop has caffeine in it like coffee, but when it comes to sex, soda pop just doesn't have the pizazz. Coffee rules the bedroom.

Coffee home - Coffee culture - Coffee and Sex

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