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Coffee Chemistry Coffee Chemistry
Coffee Chemistry, Or Pour Me Another Cup Of That Sumatran Cheese Decaf
Types of Coffee Types of Coffee
We all have our favourite coffee, from the no nonsense espresso to the omnipresent cappuccino. As more and more cafés open up and espresso becomes global, so do the choices! A latte in Australia can be different to a latte in New York and it is certainly different to a latte served in Italy. Asking for a latte in Tuscany will find looking at a glass of milk - that's what it means in Italian [ask for a latte macchiato]!
Coffee Classification Coffee Classification
There are volumes to be said about how to better enjoy fine gourmet roasted coffees! But the best thing to do if you love coffee is to taste one of gourmet varieties of delicious high-grown gourmet 100% Arabica coffees today.
Processing Coffee Processing Coffee
After the coffee beans are harvested. There are two ways in which they are prepared for roasting:
Differences in taste of all coffees Differences in taste of all coffees
How come coffee from Indonesia tastes different from coffee from South America and from Africa?
Coffee Makers: Keep the Brew Going! Coffee Makers: Keep the Brew Going!
Most people take their morning cup of coffee for granted. They simply turn put the coffee in start the coffee maker and in a few minutes they have the coffee they need to jumpstart their morning. Coffee makers are a "must have" for most households.
Coffee Pods: the Newest Way for Coffee Coffee Pods: the Newest Way for Coffee
What are coffee pods? A coffee pod is freshly roasted coffee, ground and measured to exact requirement weight then encapsulated in paper. It is the newest and simplest way to have a fresh cup of coffee.

Choosing A Coffee Pot Choosing A Coffee Pot
There are also lots of bell and whistles from which to choose as you look for a pot to make your coffee.
Coffee Roasters Coffee Roasters
Try and You'll Love the Flavor
Coffee Characteristics Coffee Characteristics
About Coffee

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