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Preparing Coffee

Preparing Coffee
FILTRE COFFEE is made of medium grinded beans. Heated water drops in the filter. It can be held warm for 15 - 30 minutes, then it becomes too strong and looses its aroma. Filtre coffee is sold in vaccum packages which loose their quality immediately after opening; so it is important to keep it in good closed tins. 18-24 months after grinding and packaging the coffee looses its aroma and can become sour. Do not make too big a stock!

For a good cup of coffee the ideal water temperature is 95-97 C. The coffee machine at home normally heats unto 90 degrees. Heat is very important for the coffee quality.

- By this way of making coffee often a low temperatue leads to tastless coffee which neads to be heated again.

- The heat that keeps the coffee warm over a longer periode, makes the coffee loose its aroma and overstrong, therefore do not keep the coffee too long on a heater, better reheat later when nescessary!


1) French Press

2) automatic Filtre Coffee Machine

3) with a Coffee Filtre

4) with a Container

French Press Coffee

This type of coffee maker that used to be very popular in Europa (f.i. on holidays) became known in Turkey of late. The French Press consists of a glass cylinder and a metal stick with a filter on one side and a lid on the top side; put the coffee in, then hot water, wait a couple of minutes and press the filter down and it is ready to serve.


All filter machines work with the same principal, heated water drips on fine grinded coffee that lays on a paper or metal filter, from which slowly the coffee drips down in a container, cup or thermos. With the right temperature and slowly dripping, the best result is made.

ESPRESSO coffee is made of longer roasted and finer grinded beans. In espresso machines by a pressure of 9 bar heated water is pressed through the coffee. On a good cup of espresso you see a light yellowish brown layer of foam (called the crema). Heat the cup before usage. The cup is filled to 25 - 35% and with 30 ml.

A good Crema, but how?

The Crema will be too dark if the coffee is too extracted, which means that the coffee was grinded too fine or too much coffee was used or the water temperature was too high. If the colour is too light it means the coffee was not grinded enough or not enough coffee was used or the temperature too low.

A MACHINE TO MAKE ESPRESSO (espresso machines)

1) Espresso machines for usage at home

2) automatic Espresso Machines

Italian mocka ecspress

An old fashioned way of making espresso (having its origin in Italy) is this machine that consists of 2 metal parts and was used on a gas stove (later also electric models were made). Water is put in the lower part and dark roasted fine grinded coffee on top, in between is a filter. When the machine is heated its steam goes up through the filter and the coffee, which makes a tastfully cup of espresso coffee. The machine has to be token from the heat at the moment it is cooking.


CAPPUCCINO is not a different kind of coffee.

A Cappuccino consists normally of 1/3 hot milk, 1/3 espresso and 1/3 foamy milk.

To make Cappuccino first some milk is made foamy in the cup, then the coffee is added and on top some chocolate powder is thrown; in Turkey during the process some chocolate mix is also added to give the cappuccino a better flavour.

Later coffee automats came to make this type of coffee more easily and quickly, but be aware of all sorts of powder mixes that contain (not very healthy) chemicals to make (more) foam.

Which milk can best be used?

The best result can be obtained with a 1,5% lowfat homogenized milk, which foams the best and combines the best with the coffee taste; or a topping milk powder that is made of the same ingredients.

INSTANT COFFEE, is made in 2 ways :

The cheap kind is made by drying (the foam of) filter coffee by hot air, the better kind is made by freeze-drying (FD) freshly made filter coffee quickly at a temperature of -40 degrees. Air dried coffee is fine and FD coffee has a larger structure.

Now you do not cook coffee, you only let instant coffee dissolve in cooked water.

Coffee concentrate

The making of a cup of coffee of coffee concentrate is similar to that of instant coffee.

TURKISH COFFEE is made of stirred cooked very fine grinded coffee. This coffee lays on the bottom of a cup and is called telve. This coffee is normally made of the (not in Turkey growing) Rio de Brasil, a kind of "Arabica" bean. In old times the Africa called coffee was made of beans from Yemen.

Preparing Turkish Coffee

You first put water in the cezve measuring by the number of cups nescessary, then for every cup 2 tea spoons of coffee and sugar (as ordered). Stir well on a low fire and divide the foam that will rise a little later over the cups and go on cooking the coffee some more before slowly serving in the cups. Give also a glass of water to clean the mouth before drinking the coffee.

  • for every cup of filtre coffee 3 - 5 gram coffee is needed

  • for every cup of espresso 7 gram coffee is needed

  • for every cup of instant coffee 1 - 2,5 gram instant coffee is needed

  • for cappuccino approx. 2,5 -5 gram milk is needed

Coffee home - Coffee categories - Preparing Coffee

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