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Coffee home - Coffee categories - Caffeine Content of Popular Beverages

Caffeine Content of Popular Beverages

Caffeine Content of Popular Beverages
You might be giving these to your child, to a child you baby-sit for or drinking them yourself.

This information was requested by parents, teachers and teens who were having trouble sleeping and they thought maybe caffeine was keeping them awake. Remember, caffeine is like other drugs, you will build up a tolerance to it AND you will withdrawal from it if you stop it suddenly. (Ask anyone who has missed their coffee for a day - better yet, just avoid the person).
Yes, there are new waters that will be on market shelves soon with caffeine in them, if caffeine is a problem for you always read the label! If you love your caffeine, enjoy it, but become informed.

(As a general rule, if caffeine is in the soda, it's in the diet one also.) In order from most to least...



12-ounce beveragemilligrams
Red Bull (8.2 oz)80.0
Pepsi One 55.5
Mountain Dew55.0
Mountain Dew Code Red55.0
Diet Mountain Dew55.0
Kick Citrus54.0
Mellow Yellow52.8
Diet Coke45.6
Diet Coke with Lemon45.6
Diet Coke with Lime45.6
Diet Vanilla Coke45.6
Shasta Cola 44.4
Shasta Cherry Cola44.4
Shasta Diet Cola44.4
RC Cola43.0
Diet RC43.0
Dr. Pepper41.0
Diet Dr. Pepper41.0
Diet Sunkist Orange41.0
Mr. Pibb40.0
Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb40.0
Red Flash40.0
Sunkist Orange40.0
Slim-Fast Cappuccino Delight Shake40.0
Ruby Red39.0
Big Red38.0
Pepsi Twist37.5
Diet Pepsi36.0
Wild Cherry Pepsi38.0
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi36.0
Diet Pepsi Twist36.0
Coca-Cola Classic34.0
Coke C234.0
Cherry Coke34.0
Lemon Coke34.0
Vanilla Coke34.0
Diet Cherry Coke34.0
Snapple Flavored Teas (Reg. or Diet)31.5
Canada Dry Cola30.0
A&W Creme Soda29.0
Nestea Sweet Iced Tea26.5
Nestea Unsweetened Iced Tea26.0
Barq's Root Beer23.0
A&W Diet Creme Soda22.0
Slim-Fast Chocolate Flavors20.0
Snapple Sweet Tea12.0
Lipton Brisk, All Varieties9
Canada Dry Diet Cola1.2
Diet Rite Cola0
Mug Root Beer0
Diet Barq's Root Beer0
Sundrop Orange0
Minute Maid Orange0
A&W Root Beer0
Sierra Mist0


8-ounce beveragemilligrams
Coffee, Drip115-175
Coffee, Brewed80-135
Coffee, Espresso (2 ounces)100
Coffee, Instant65-100
Tea, iced47
Tea, brewed, imported brands (avg.)60
Tea, brewed, U.S. brands (avg.)40
Tea, instant30
Tea, green15
Hot cocoa14
Coffee, Decaf, brewed3-4
Coffee, Decaf, instant2-3

SOURCES: National Soft Drink Association, US Food and Drug Administration, Bunker and McWilliams, Pepsi, Slim-Fast

Coffee home - Coffee categories - Caffeine Content of Popular Beverages

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