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Do you know about the drink people of the world enjoy most? Do you like your morning jolt? All this is about odorous wonderful smooth black coffee!

If you are such an addict as other coffee lovers all around the world what you need is information about the greatest beverage of your morning hours. will be your guide in sliding over hot aromatic waves. To enjoy this journey prepare a big cup of coffee, take a first sip and plunge into the world of coffee.

Have you ever wondered about coffee origins? Where does it come from? Who was the first person to brew the sky-born drink? How did ancestors liked to drink their coffee? Get to know great history facts and fairy tales of the past. The answers on "whom to thank" for the great beverage are in the section called Coffee history.

Dip into the process of birth of black drink from your cup. Tour over the stages of creating the miracle: from bright berries enjoying the tropical sun to roasting, cleaning and grinding the selected beans. Information about the trees and different kinds of beans as much as the conditions under what coffee grows in coffee-growing regions and the amount of human labor it takes to bring the aroma drink to your table are described in From crop to cup issue.

In the course of time the whole culture was formed around the process of brewing and drinking coffee. Each country has its own style of making a great beverage and it's so interesting to know all the ways and methods people created to enjoy their perfect cup. Read about these peculiarities in Coffee culture.

Would you like to know all about classifications of types of coffee and understand the process of coffee-making just like a pro? Coffee characteristics and concepts set out in Coffee categories.

You must have heard a lot about the dangers of coffee-addiction but here are not rumors but facts. All you ever wanted to know about the influence of coffee to your health can be found in section Coffee and health.

Consequences for your physical state and stress related topics as well as antioxidants and coffee-substitutes information is there.

How about fabulous recipes to ease your thirst for new ways of coffee use? Taste those cakes and sweets, beverages and more creative eatable things that were made with coffee. Step by step preparation techniques will help you to reveal the best faints notes of your favorite taste. Explore Coffee recipes to know more.

To get more information and find out some good old and brand new facts about coffee read Coffee articles.

Coffee reviews will help you stay abreast of the latest discoveries and developments and know more about rates of coffee and highly-prized types of it.

Time for fun! Lots of smiles and loud laughter are guarantied if you read the section Coffee humor. Funny conclusions and jokes for coffee-lovers. Comics and cognitive pictures included.

Want to know even more and stay every day update about the coffee news from all around the world? Stay tuned for the selected coffee-related summaries in Coffee news.

For inquisitives there is a Coffee glossary with lots of words on the subject. To find out even more go to Coffee links.

Keep enjoying your sinful delight that calls coffee while reading!

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